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Lehigh Valley Genomics is proud to have a qualified, in-house billing team. Need to speak to someone? Call our billing department at 267-687-0620 ext. 221, 222 or 223 - we’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have!


Is testing covered by insurance?

Testing may be covered by your insurance plan if deemed medically necessary.

Insurance carriers will deny claims in cases where testing is not medically necessary. For example, covid testing for travel purposes and genetic testing without meeting qualifying criteria are two cases where insurance carriers will not likely cover testing.In these cases, we offer out-of-pocket testing for select tests! Our test menu lists the cash rate for each test.


I got a bill in the mail - what should I do?

If you received an invoice, it's because your insurance was missing/incorrect/inactive or because your insurance carrier issued you a check for testing, and that check was cashed.

If you have new insurance information to provide, please email your insurance cards to


Will I be billed for genetic counseling?

Nope! LVG covers the costs for scheduling your genetic counseling session.


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