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About The Practice

Lehigh Valley Genomics makes precision medicine accessible to patients, physicians, nursing homes, corporate customers, and clients from an array of settings located throughout the United States. At its lab in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the highly qualified team performs a comprehensive assortment of molecular and genetic tests.


The team focuses on providing testing solutions that are essential for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions. They proudly offer cutting-edge testing with an array of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.


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Lehigh Valley Genomics offers COVID-19 testing, with the convenience of walk-in testing for patients and accurate results in 48-72 hours. Patients can also receive COVID-19 testing combined with testing for influenza A and B.

The team performs other lab tests using samples collected by physicians and sent to the lab. Then their in-house billing team verifies the patient’s insurance benefits before they start testing in order to avoid any patient bills.

In addition to COVID testing, Lehigh Valley Genomics offers three primary molecular tests: respiratory panel testing, gastrointestinal panel testing, and urinary tract infection testing. Its genetic testing includes pharmacogenetics, hereditary cancer, cardiomyopathy, familial hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias.

The team also uniquely offers next-generation sequencing to determine the root cause of diabetes and obesity. The tests give physicians the information needed to tailor treatments to each patient’s genetic makeup.

Genetic counselors at Lehigh Valley Genomics are available to talk with a patient or their doctor after genetic testing results are ready. Patients get the information and support they need, from learning about their test results to guidance for future health care decisions.

The lab at Lehigh Valley Genomics carries full accreditation from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

To learn more about the lab services available, call Lehigh Valley Genomics, or connect online today.




Our Mission

At Lehigh Valley Genomics, we are dedicated to making precision medicine accessible to our patients and partners. Our laboratory is committed to this new era of medicine by using advanced diagnostic methods that are centered around patient care.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers

8 Years of Experience 2K Business Partners 80K+ Tests Completed


Words from our patients

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    "Hello All! I used this lab twice. They certainly have the best protocol down for covid safety."

    Michele A.
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    "They were very professional and they were very quick to take care of you and so you can leave..."

    Lucille S.
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    "Exceptional service. The draw was efficient and the technician was professional and cordial."

    George M.
  • Google

    "Well organized. Walked in, swabbed, walked out in less than 5 minutes."

    Debbie K.
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    "I waited about 1 minute, the woman who administered my test was kind, personable, and compassionate. "

    Jacquelyn S.
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    "The nurses were so caring and concerned. This site was managed very well."

    Andrea B.
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    "Very professional and courteous staff."

    Joe K.
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    "Went here for a Covid test, stayed in the car, very short wait time, polite service."

    Brenda G.
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    "Easy place to get tested for COVID19. The test itself obviously isn't comfortable but they were very professional and quick, came out to my car almost immediately."

    Pete K.


Lehigh Valley Genomics
2550 Brodhead Road, Suite 202
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Phone: 267-296-1325
Fax: 484-895-3719

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