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Genetic Counseling

Lehigh Valley Genomics

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Genetic counseling is one of the most important services you can receive when you have genetic testing. It’s valuable for doctors as well to help them explain results to patients. The genetic counseling team at Lehigh Valley Genomics offers all the support, guidance, and information you need when the results of your testing come in. They fully explain your results, what they mean for your ongoing health, and help guide your future decisions. If you need genetic counseling, call the office in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, or request an appointment online today.

Genetic Counseling Q&A

What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling provides information and support for people who have testing to learn if they’re at risk for genetic disorders. Experienced counselors generally help you understand the reasons why you may need genetic testing and explain the results of any genetic tests you have.

Some people feel prepared for the results of a genetic test because they know they have a family history of a medical condition. But learning that you definitely have a genetic mutation that puts you or your future children at risk for an inherited disease opens the door to new and sometimes difficult decisions and challenges.

Anyone who has genetic testing needs someone to talk with after the results come in. You need a compassionate and knowledgeable person who can explain the results, tell you exactly what they mean, and talk with you about your options moving forward. That’s what the genetics counseling team at Lehigh Valley Genomics is prepared to do. 

What should I expect during genetic counseling?

During the session, your counselor may talk with you about your immediate health concerns, family history, and personal medical history. Then they go into the details about your genetic testing results and what they mean for your health.

Some genetic mutations found in your testing may significantly increase your risk for a certain disease. You may learn you have a tendency toward developing a disease, such as heart disease or high cholesterol. 

In nearly every case, you can begin treatments or make lifestyle changes that lower your risk.

What happens after genetic counseling?

Your Lehigh Valley Genomics counselor provides the ongoing support you need, beginning with some direction to take based on the results of your genetic testing.

The information from your genetic testing may point toward a problem that needs immediate attention from a medical specialist. Or you may need to take preventive steps to lower your risk.

After talking with you about your options, your genetics counselor may refer you to a specialist, suggest additional screening or genetic tests, or recommend resources that can further support your physical and emotional needs.

If you need counseling after genetic testing, call Lehigh Valley Genomics, or request an appointment online today.