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Molecular Tests:

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

This panel identifies 21 bacterial and viral targets in 48-72 hours. LVG's test includes the option to add COVID-19 PCR and/or antibiotic resistant pathogen testing to this panel in order to rule out all respiratory targets in one simple test.

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Molecular Urinary Tract Infection

The molecular UTI test uses PCR to determine the pathogens present in a urine sample! This test is a fantastic alternative to a time-consuming urine culture, and LVG offers the option to check for select antibiotic resistant pathogens!

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Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel

Our gastrointestinal pathogen panel of quickly identifies bacterial, parasitic, and viral targets in 48-72 hours. Gastrointestinal disease can escalate quickly, so a fast and accurate diagnosis is critical for best care.

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