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Testing Process


Step 1: You purchase your test online and a collection kit is sent to your home. No medical necessity required.

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Step 2: You collect your kit according instructions and you ship the sample back to the lab using a pre-paid label.

Sample Collection Instructions

Step 3: Within 2-3 weeks, testing is completed, reviewed by our clinical team, and a report is electronically sent back to you.

Please be advised that Lehigh Valley Genomics is not a medical doctor and is not dispensing any medical advice.  Further, Lehigh Valley Genomics is not dispensing any pharmaceutical advice.  This test is provided for informational purposes only and is intended to be shared with your physician.  Do not make any changes to the medications you are currently taking, either type of medication or dosage, without first discussing the results of this test and your current medications with your physician.  This test is not intended to replace any medical advice from your physicians and is instead intended to be a supplemental tool used by you and your physician in deciding what prescription medications are right for you.  If you have any questions about this test or its use, please contact your physician or Lehigh Valley Genomics.



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