COVID Testing Information


COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing

How Testing Works:

For Patients:

Plan your visit to the Draw Center. No appointment is required!

Please print, complete, and bring the Consent Form with you!

Don't forget to bring your ID and insurance card!

Download Consent Form

For Providers:

You may send patients to the Draw Center, or you may collect samples in your office and ship to the lab. If interested in sending samples, please request supplies here!


Sample Type:

Nasopharyngeal swab


Results are sent to your provider. Please email or request results if your provider has not shared test results within 48-72 hours of testing.

Request Results

Symptoms Indicating Testing:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Recent travel to an affected area

  • Exposure to an affected individual


Cash rate: Contact the office for pricing.

Insurance does not cover testing for travel, back-to-school, and back-to-work screening, and the cash rate will be charged in these cases.

Insurance: exposure, pre-operative, and symptomatic testing is covered under federal mandate. You must have a prescription for insurance testing.



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