COVID-19 + Influenza A/B Combo Testing


Two powerful tests in one single swab!

Sample Type:

Nasopharyngeal swab



Results are sent to your provider. Please email if your provider has not shared test results within 48-72 hours of testing.

For Providers - How Do I Order?

To order this test combination, please use our respiratory requisition form and select the COVID + Flu panel box to order both tests. Contact us for our respiratory requisition form!


For Providers - What Else Can I Test For?

Our Respiratory Pathogen Panel tests 21 common respiratory targets. We have an option including respiratory panel + COVID testing in a single swab, too!


How Testing Works:

For Patients:

Plan your visit to the Draw Center. No appointment is required!

Please print, complete, and bring the Consent Form with you!

Don't forget to bring your ID and insurance card!

For Providers:

You may send patients to the Draw Center or you may collect samples in your office and ship to the lab. If interested in sending samples, please request supplies here!


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